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Spring Traditions

Six weeks ago the groundhog saw his shadow and declared winter wasn’t over. Between then and now we’ve had indicators that spring was on the way. Holi, a moveable festival, took place on March 2.  Daylight Savings Time in the U.S. started last Sunday. But tomorrow is the Spring Equinox when Spring becomes official in

Toilet Paper — Over, Under, or Just Right

As faithful readers know, I like to look up anniversaries of events that changed modern life. So imagine my delight when I discovered December 22, 1891 is the date Seth Wheeler received the patent for his toilet paper roll. I’m informing you now because life gets hectic that close to Christmas and you might want


Life is stressful these days. It must be time for a cupcake break. Fun, exuberant little cakes, the cup cake is almost sincere in its potential for simplicity. There’s automatic portion control. The little cakes bake more quickly than regular cakes which makes them energy efficient. Serving cupcakes, especially with their paper wrappers, is less


  Diwali is a Hindu festival occurring between mid-October and mid-November. This year the celebration takes place from October 29 until November 1. Although there are variations in how the festival is celebrated, its purpose commemorates the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. It’s a time of family and friends dedicated to

For Positive Energy: Get Rid of Clutter!

  According to Feng Shui principles, January is “get organized month.” I guess it’s all those pristine new calendars – the ones we still buy even though our entire life is held captive by smart phones. When I think of getting organized, clearing my desk comes to mind. Simply shoving paper into drawers doesn’t count,

FRUITCAKE: Seasonal Delicacy or Worst Dessert Ever?

  I suddenly realized that while I’ve been writing about holiday traditions: the cookies, the presents, the magic, the colors, and of course, the stress, I neglected to mention that December is also National Fruitcake Month – with a special commemorative day December 27th. Holiday fruitcake aka Christmas Cake aka the best or the worst

Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

  It was 1963 when singer Andy Williams first shared his view that “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Why is that you ask? Andy croons: … With the kids jingle belling And everyone telling you be of good cheer It’s the most wonderful time of the year It’s the hap-happiest season of


  Red and Green are the colors most often associated with Christmas and the month of December. Freshly cut evergreen trees are green. Santa Claus wears the same red suit every year. I sometimes wonder why he delivers so many items of clothing but never updates his look. For thousands of years people in European


  Monday. November 30. You’ve survived the madness called Thanksgiving. Black Friday is over. Tomorrow you’ll turn the calendar page and realize it’s December, the month where joy and anticipation collide with stress, indecision, and over-indulgence. Before you jump in with both feet, consider scheduling in moments of serenity, calm, and gratitude. Today’s featured image


  To aid in your Thanksgiving preparations, I have modified a schedule I first heard in home economics class shortly after the pilgrims invented this annual feast. Are you ready? T-DAY MINUS 5 and 4. The weekend before the Thanksgiving holiday, is behind us now. But this is what you should have done. Clean your kitchen.