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Articles from Month February 2017

Is There a “Perfect” Closet?

  Spring officially begins in about a month. Some people think of bunnies and chicks. Some wonder if they should clean something. I dream of organizing my closet. There’s nothing really wrong with my closet. It has a rack and top shelf on either side. One side has a dresser with room to stand the

SOLITAIRE, A Sometimes Guilty Pleasure

It’s true, Your Honor. I play Computer Solitaire – and not even a complicated version. I play Klondike, the same game I learned to play with – gasp – actual playing cards. I love the colorful backgrounds, the tiny cards and the happy dance they do when I occasionally win. I love how looking a

Tamar, Judah & Justice

This is Tamar’s story. It’s not a story you heard in Sunday School but it is in the Bible. Funny how only certain stories get picked out for retelling – especially if the story’s about a woman. Very few women even show up in the Bible as any feminist theologian will tell you. The image


There’s one more destination I want to tell you about from my recent trip to Kolkata. Pareswanath Temple is a jewel of serenity. My guide Anup Saha suggested we visit the temple and I’m so glad he did. As we walked up Badridas Temple Street in northeast Kolkata, I had no idea what to expect.