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Articles from Month November 2012

How I Attempt to Pack Light

I traveled to India this year, also the United Kingdom, Seattle, and made several short trips within my home state of Hawai`i. Day trips are not such a big deal, so long as I remember to put my hand gel in a plastic bag. But any trip requiring an overnight stay looms over my head


I suffer from intermittent Time Evaporation Syndrome (TES), a curious state in which one wakes up at 6:00 in the morning, and suddenly, without warning, it is noon – or dinnertime – or midnight. You get the idea. And there is absolutely no indication what transpired between, say, 6:00 and noon. TES is most often

On Gardens

I like gardens that are gracious, well-kept, and delight the visitor with a multitude of textures, fragrances, water features, and vistas. I like gardens that allow people to walk on the grass, assuming they pick up their litter when they leave. Gardens give me space for contemplation and renewal. Many people are able to coax