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Articles from Month June 2015


At the close of last week’s episode in the story of Magna Carta, King John had managed to alienate almost everyone in England, as well as the French and the Pope – an impressive array of enemies. Nevertheless, John remained king. And in medieval England, the king was God’s anointed representative on earth. Many of John’s

Happy Birthday, Magna Carta!

  Last Monday, June 15th, the Magna Carta was 800 years old. Yeah, I know. It’s not a date on the tip of your tongue. But, without the Magna Carta there wouldn’t have been a Declaration of Independence, and without the Declaration we wouldn’t celebrate the 4th of July. And without the 4th of July,

Packing for the Summer Silly Season

Summer is sometimes called “the silly season,” perhaps because the warm to stifling weather encourages us to shed layers of clothing and decorum. This 1939 poster advertises a seaside extension for visitors to the World’s Fair in New York City. What could be better than a stopover at Sea Cliff, Long Island? At 250 feet

Make Laundry Day a Happy Day

Throughout history, there has been laundry. As proof I submit today’s featured image of women in ancient Greece filling a wash tub. And, as long as there has been laundry, people — usually women — have complained about having to do it. But the truth is, washing clothes today isn’t nearly the chore that it