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Articles from Month August 2015

The Wealth-Happiness Quandary

Last month, Jacob Davidson published an article about the ten richest people of all time. Relative incomes were extrapolated via various means to account for differences in historic and current currency valuation. The complete list is below. I’m going to focus on three American men who built enormous fortunes before turning to philanthropic endeavors. In American

A Shed by Any Other Name . . . Is Still a Shed

  This is a blog about sheds. It happens to many people. It happened to me. One day the Handsome Bloke said: “I rather fancy a shed.” “But we have a storage closet.” “They’re on sale.” “We don’t need a shed. It’ll take up space.” “I’ve always wanted a shed.” The Rubbermaid shed sits across


I went to the Hilo Orchid Society’s 63rd Annual Show yesterday, a memorable event for its sumptuous displays of orchids large and small. This year’s theme is Orchids Avant-Garde emphasizing collectors and gardeners’ never ending quest for the newest orchid variety. “The orchid world,” according to Rick Kelley as quoted in the Hawaii Tribune Herald,


  Do you ever see an announcement of an upcoming exhibit or event and think, ‘I’d like to see that?’ Last April, I saw an article about Nā Kuana`ike Pāheana o Hawai`i: Artistic Perspectives of Hawai`i. It’s on display at Lyman House Museum until September. Hmmm…I’d like to see that…sometime. I promptly forgot all about it