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Upcoming books in the Salem Stories Series

Salem Stories: Prequel

Seventeenth Century Massachusetts Bay Colony was a bastion of Puritans who came to America to “build a city on a hill” as a beacon of how a community could dwell in harmony and unity —at least on the surface. Unable to express anger openly, neighbors sued each other in public court and gossiped about each other in private. In 1692, underlying tensions came to the surface in the Salem Witch Trials.

Philip and Mary English, ancestors of the Derby Family, were caught up in the maelstrom. Before seafaring commerce became dominated Salem, people believed the devil walked among them. This is a story about those times.

Salem Stories: Book 3

Family Ties Still Bind

In 1799 both Elias Hasket Derby and his wife die, and their company fails soon after. Meanwhile, the Crowninshield family rises in business and politics. The situation changes in 1807 when Jacob Crowninshield dies from tuberculosis. Brother Benjamin takes his place in politics and serves as Secretary of the Navy. During the War of 1812, John Crowninshield captains a successful privateer until the ship is taken by the British. He sits out the rest of the war in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Salem Stories: Book 4

Cleopatra's Barge

Sons Make Their Own Way

After George Crowninshield Sr. dies in 1815, the family splinters. John seeks his fortune in New Orleans. Sally elopes. And George Crowninshield Jr. builds the first pleasure yacht the world has ever seen. Cleopatra’s Barge is a nautical marvel. George sails her across to the Mediterranean in a quest to follow the Napoleon’s career.

Salem Stories: Book 5

A shocking murder with a Crowninshield in the dock & Daniel Webster for the Prosecution