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Reviews of Two Coins

Two Coins: A Biographical Novel

The Great Scandal of British Calcutta

It’s 1883, and newspapers are flying off the shelves in Calcutta, Edinburgh and London. Mary Pigot, lady superintendent of the Scottish Female Mission in Calcutta, has been charged by The Reverend William Hastie with mismanagement and immorality, and she’s fighting back! Also available as an audiobook.

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“In this riveting historical novel based on true events, political tensions in a Scottish mission in 19th century Calcutta, India, give rise to a sexual scandal.”

Kirkus Reviews

What People are Saying About Two Coins

Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

“The path of justice is superbly drawn in “Two Coins,” a work of well-researched historical fiction based on an actual libel court case in Calcutta and Edinburgh.”

Kirkus Starred Review

“… when the trial starts, its momentum resembles that of a competitive sporting event. Wagner-Wright’s extensive research allows her to stay remarkably true to history, while her creativity brings an outstanding story of courage and fortitude to life.”

Kirkus Reviews

5 Stars

“A brilliantly captured, extraordinarily well-researched tale of one woman’s bravery and strength in the face of the societal norms of British India.”

Chanticleer Book Reviews

5 Stars

A work of historical fiction that is both entertaining and informative is a rare treat, and this is not one that should be passed by.”

Manhattan Book Review

4.5 Stars

“Wagner-Wright truly hits her stride when it comes to the court case, and readers won’t be able to put the book down.”

Seattle Book Review

3.5 Stars

“All in all, this story is one of historical accuracy and female determination.”

San Francisco Book Review

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