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Reviews of Saxon Heroines: A Northumbrian Novel

“…dramatically gripping novel…A captivating account of the lives of extraordinary women in perilous times.” Kirkus

“[A] fascinating story of upheaval in early Britain . . . Historical fiction readers will be absorbed by this intricate tale of memorable Northumbrian women fighting for change.”BookLife

“Old gods fall as Christianity rises across northern Europe with a fair amount of help from the women behind the scenes, the wielders of true power.” – Chanticleer Reviews

“[A] brilliant recreation of the lives of inspiring heroines from seventh-century Northumbria and other parts of England . . . . the women in the story intelligently apply their wisdom to create significant change. They are critical in maintaining kingdom alliances and they offer their wisdom on important matters.” Readers’ Favorite

Men have had the first and last word for too long. In . . . Saxon Heroines, we get to hear from the powerful women of the early medieval world. Well researched, well detailed, and a compelling story make it an enjoyable fresh take on medieval historical fiction.” — Alex Telander, Manhattan Book Review

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