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Review of “Ambition, Arrogance & Pride”

Wagner-Wright’s fluid prose lends itself to being read aloud, and listeners will be wholly transported by this tale of early Americana. — Chanticleer Reviews

Ambition, Arrogance & Pride: Families & Rivals in 18th Century Salem (Audiobook)

Three Weddings — Two Rival Families

Richard Derby, a young man of modest prospects, made his living at sea until he retired to establish a merchant house. With one exception, his sons followed in his footsteps. Hasket Derby remained in Salem learning the business.

“Sandra Wagner-Wright is an excellent storyteller with a natural flair for historical accuracy and powerful character development.” — Seattle Book Review

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Review of Saxon Heroines

“Deepti Gupta’s mildly accented narration sets the stage for an ancient, medieval story of four women who changed the world in Sandra Wagner-Wright’s “Saxon Heroines,” the audiobook.”Chanticleer Reviews

Saxon Heroines: A Northumbrian Novel (audiobook)

Seventh century England is a hodgepodge of warring Anglo-Saxon states filled with shifting alliances and treacherous grabs for royal power. Kings rise and fall, depending on Woden’s Luck. Northumbria, the damp kingdom north of the River Humber, is a state riven with rivalries and kings determined to expand at any cost. Women have no obvious role in a warrior society, but by using their wits, four women—two queens and two abbesses—make monumental changes.

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Two Coins — 2020 Independent Audiobook Awards Finalist

Two Coins (Audiobook)

The Great Scandal of British Calcutta

It’s 1883, and newspapers are flying off the shelves in Calcutta, Edinburgh and London. Mary Pigot, lady superintendent of the Scottish Female Mission in Calcutta, has been charged by The Reverend William Hastie with mismanagement and immorality, and she’s fighting back!

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Rama’s Labyrinth (audiobook)

Biographical historical fiction that takes the reader across India during the last decades of the British Raj.

From a girlhood among Hindu shrines to widowhood and Christian conversion, Rama seeks her destiny. Is it only to educate Hindu widows? Or does God have a larger plan in mind?

Rama’s Labyrinth traces the life of Pandita Ramabai, a social reformer who rose above personal adversity to rescue and educate famine victims.

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