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Reviews of Ambition, Arrogance & Pride: Families & Rivals in 18th Century Salem

“Sandra Wagner-Wright is an excellent storyteller with a natural flair for historical accuracy and powerful character development.” 


“If you love Jane Austin, you will love Sandra Wagner-Wright”


“Wagner-Wright’s prose is both engaging and descriptive, and her attention to detail and passion for the families’ history shines through with every word.”


“Wagner-Wright breathes life into the world through the vernacular of the time and rich descriptions of the dress, table settings, and social decorum, developing a vivid view of Colonial America.”


“[A] transportive historical novel of Colonial marriage, shipping, and life.”


“An elaborately detailed period piece packed with intriguing nuggets of history.”


“The particular attention paid to food, fashion, and high society of the time … will satisfy history buffs and historical fiction readers alike.”