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Articles from Month September 2016

The Real “Johnny Appleseed”

  Fall is upon us – time for colorful autumn leaves and other fruits of the season. Apples and pumpkins with their golden colors come to mind. The days are still long and the nights a bit crisp. Halloween candy is in the stores. But let’s go back to apples. Apples have been part of

Elephants, Ivory & Conservation

One of the most amazing privileges of my life was to visit two safari lodges near Kruger National Park in South Africa. We climbed in jeeps at dawn and dusk to view animals who were so accustomed to the vehicles’ noise and shape they paid no attention – provided we stayed seated. I had no

Curious Notes on Felt Hats

  Winston Churchill is known for many things. He smoked a cigar. He spoke in what I think of as a Shakespearean voice. He led Britain in World War II. And he never was seen outside without a hat. He seems to me to be a fitting image for Felt Hat Day which you may