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Articles from Month December 2012


Christmas — Some celebrate the day as a holiday for presents and feasting. For others, Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, honored by Christians as the Messiah. On that first Christmas, angels appeared to shepherds (talk about a light show), and a few weeks/months later wise men appeared with gifts. Such diversity of

HALLELUJAH! – It’s Time to Sing Messiah

Christmas is a time when otherwise ordinary people burst into song. Children and adults sing carols to their families, their friends, unsuspecting pets, and even venture into assisted living facilities. Little kids learn Jingle Bells. Adults throw caution to the winds and participate in Messiah Sing-a-Longs. An extreme version of this activity is “Christmas Food

On Christmas Pudding

  I sat enjoying the evening breeze, when the Handsome Bloke said, “I fancy Christmas Pudding this year.” Was he joking? No, he wore a meaningful look. “Oh,” said I. “I don’t suppose our grocery store has any in for the holidays?” “I’ll ask.” Wait a minute!  What about the picture?  What is the picture

Thanksgiving & Holiday Shopping — Two American Traditions

Sorry I missed our date last week.  I was busy doing Thanksgiving, and rolling my eyes at news stories about our annual shopping frenzy.  I remember when Thanksgiving was about eating and watching football.  Today the topic is shopping. How did Black Friday become a national event?  Why do we put ourselves through this annual