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Articles from Month February 2016

Maria, Ava, and Frieda the Shredder

Meet the antiquated shredding machine my co-shredder and I called “Frieda.” We were doing a community service project. Neither of us was good at construction work, but we were quite the shredding team. And there were boxes and boxes of documents that Frieda wanted to, shall we say, consume. [Sidebar: The name Frieda comes from


  Every four years the calendar has a hic-cup, otherwise known as February 29th, the Leap Day in a Leap Year. It appears that no one knows quite what to do with that extra day. For most of us, it will be a day filled with our usual activities. But for some people, February 29th

Days of Grace

My recent visit to the Honolulu Museum of Art was prompted by two exhibits on women artists in Territorial Hawai`i. One exhibit focused on Women Artists in Hawai`i: 1900-1950, which encompasses most of the Territorial period. Both residents and visitors to the islands, these women had much to contribute to Honolulu’s (to me) surprisingly vibrant


My unpretentious papier mache mask is a little worse for wear, but to me this kitty face represents Carnival in Venice, a season celebrated from the day after Christmas until the day before Lent. Venetian masks are famous, and it’s said that mask shops are more numerous in Venice that greengrocers or butchers. This makes