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Articles from Month December 2017

Yule-Tide Cheer

The days draw progressively shorter in the Northern Hemisphere until Winter Solstice on December 21st. As you might imagine, there are a number of traditions associated with this event that subsequently became part of the Christmas holiday celebration. Here’s a brief overview of Yule celebrations of past and present. ANCIENT CELEBRATIONS The Norse god Odin


Last week’s blog was about St. Nicholas and his miraculous good deeds. This week is about how St. Nicholas turned into Santa Claus, a figure known around the world. The new and improved St. Nicholas got his start in the Middle Ages, that strange point in history between ancient and modern Europe. Princess Theophano of

St. Nicholas and the Three Bags of Gold

December is a strange month for many reasons, not the least of which is celebration of an older man in a red suit who climbs down chimneys to leave gifts for “good” girls and boys. Not to mention the pitter patter of reindeer hooves on the roof. We had a problem with pigeons a few