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Articles from Month March 2014


My son took one of those silly “who are you?” tests, and posted the results on Facebook. On the question of “What is Your Medieval Profession?” (, my son placed as a Hunter. This seemed strange, because he’s not the sort who goes around with bows and arrows trying to kill Bambi’s mother. But he

IN PRAISE OF APPLE TECH SUPPORT, or, How the Lost was Found

I use the MacBook Air and once had over 1,000 photos stored on the hard drive. The Handsome Bloke kept telling me to transfer them to an external drive. But you know how it is. I hadn’t gotten around to it. Then, for the past several weeks I’ve been getting a message saying that my


Seattle Mariners Spring Training (the subject of last week’s blog) took the Handsome Bloke and I to Phoenix, Arizona. It was the second time I’d been to Arizona. The first time was when I was in middle school – a family trip with the cousins. We visited the Grand Canyon, though at the time we

BASEBALL – Symbol of Summer

“Baseball, it is said, is only a game” – George F. Will Baseball has teams of nine players. The playing field has a diamond shape. There are nine innings and numerous time outs, but no maximum time. Baseball players don’t wear spandex. In comparison to other athletes, they appear modest. The game itself is straightforward.


Ever had the urge to assemble of bowl of multi-colored glitter and just throw it in the air while you ran around the room? Ever curbed that urge by thinking about how you’d never get the glitter out of the carpet? If you answered yes to the first question, you are either a water sprite