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Some Properties of Glitter

Ever had the urge to assemble of bowl of multi-colored glitter and just throw it in the air while you ran around the room?

Ever curbed that urge by thinking about how you’d never get the glitter out of the carpet?

If you answered yes to the first question, you are either a water sprite or carefree child.

If you answered yes to the second, you
a.) Had a parent with eyes in back of his or her head
b.) Have been the person who had to clean the carpet
c.) Have a strong desire to please others
d.) Have actually given in to the urge and then had to clean up after yourself which would not have been necessary if you had remembered to cover the carpet with plastic first.

The correct answer is “D” – because it means you can now cover the floor and run around flinging glitter while being chased by an over-excited dog.

Glitter is fun. It sparkles. It makes any attempt at artwork look somehow better.
Glitter is a cornerstone of crafting – and March is National Craft Month.

Photo by Knoppen, Public Domain
Wikimedia Commons

Glitter comes in various containers and a rainbow of colors.

Photo by eperales
Creative Commons Attribution
Wikimedia Commons

It can be attached to practically any surface including your eyelids and other body parts.

Glitter draws the eye. It makes me laugh. Its mundane ingredients are magical.

People have always been drawn to glitter – the very word comes from Old Norse – glitra. People living in caves used flake mica to give their artwork a glittery surface. Ancient Egyptians used the iridescent shells of beetles and ground malachite crystal to make things sparkle.

Photo by Inkwina
Creative Commons Attribution
Wikimedia Commons

Modern glitter is made from plastic – less romantic than sparkling beetle shells, but more amenable to mass marketing. Which means that if you go down to your local craft store, they probably have plenty of green glitter as well as undecorated hat forms. You need to stock up now, because March 17 is when we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and you need a proper green hat, trimmed in green glitter to wear while you drink green beer.

That’s the thing about glitter – it makes you want to celebrate.

Do you have a favorite use for glitter? Leave a comment.


Featured Image by Evi Michaelidou, Creative Commons Attribution, Wikimedia Commons

Author Sandra Wagner Wright

Sandra Wagner-Wright holds the doctoral degree in history and taught women’s and global history at the University of Hawai`i. Sandra travels for her research, most recently to Salem, Massachusetts, the setting of her new Salem Stories series. She also enjoys traveling for new experiences. Recent trips include Antarctica and a river cruise on the Rhine from Amsterdam to Basel.

 Sandra particularly likes writing about strong women who make a difference. She lives in Hilo, Hawai`i with her family and writes a blog relating to history, travel, and the idiosyncrasies of life.


  1. There you are! Can’t sleep and I found this post humorous! So happy glad for you that you’ve created a bridge to ‘writerly’ sharpening! OX om namaste, Kelly


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