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Tales from Heidelberg

The history of Heidelberg, a charming city on the Necker River in Southwest Germany, may date back as far is the 5th century BCE. But its reputation today rests in part on Heidelberg University founded in 1386. The university is the oldest university in Germany, and romanticized stories of student life are better known than

Packing for the Summer Silly Season

Summer is sometimes called “the silly season,” perhaps because the warm to stifling weather encourages us to shed layers of clothing and decorum. This 1939 poster advertises a seaside extension for visitors to the World’s Fair in New York City. What could be better than a stopover at Sea Cliff, Long Island? At 250 feet


Time is strange here in Agra — that feeling that you just got here but have always been here. We are especially fortunate on this visit, because we are staying with friends. this allows us to experience patterns of regular life in a professional Indian household. The first thing I’ve learned is that the home


As promised, I, Guide Dog Spencer McGarrett, am back to tell you about my experience riding the train in Canada. I wanted to show you a picture from Canada, but, alas, Sandra doesn’t take many pictures of me. I don’t know why not, since I am amazingly handsome. But, to her, I guess I’m just

How I Attempt to Pack Light

I traveled to India this year, also the United Kingdom, Seattle, and made several short trips within my home state of Hawai`i. Day trips are not such a big deal, so long as I remember to put my hand gel in a plastic bag. But any trip requiring an overnight stay looms over my head

On Gardens

I like gardens that are gracious, well-kept, and delight the visitor with a multitude of textures, fragrances, water features, and vistas. I like gardens that allow people to walk on the grass, assuming they pick up their litter when they leave. Gardens give me space for contemplation and renewal. Many people are able to coax

YORK – where “the gates are bars & the bars are pubs”

    As some of you know, I was recently in UK. My last blog featured the fabulous afternoon tea at the Milestone Hotel, but if you follow me on Facebook, you know I began the journey home last Saturday. First stop, Seattle, where I have been experiencing really bad jet lag. Which is why

Afternoon Tea at the Milestone Hotel

London is my favorite international city – and not just because the people speak various forms of English. Central London is easy to navigate, has countless treasures, and is the location of the British Museum and the British Library. It is a wonderful place to visit, work, and play. I stay in the area called

Buckingham Palace – A Splendid Residence

Buckingham Palace – A Splendid Residence Two days ago I visited one of the most famous palaces in the world. If you guessed Buckingham Palace, home of Queen Elizabeth II, you are absolutely correct. This was my second visit to Buckingham Palace. Last year I took the standard day tour with audio guide. This year,