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Slip, Slop, Slap


Ah, summer time. Especially when there’s soft sun and cool breezes like this sunset picture of Tauranga Harbour on the North Island of New Zealand.

But the sun isn’t entirely our friend. Its UV rays damage our skin and eyes.

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Despite warnings about skin cancer, a day in the sun remains one of our favorite vacation and day off activities. But the dangers are real. In my own experience, I’ve been making a lot more visits to the dermatologist than I expected. And don’t be fooled. Sitting in the shade or going out on a cloudy day is no protection. Those pesky UV rays can find you anywhere. And it’s not just our skin at risk.



Our eyes are always exposed, and this can lead to macular degeneration as well as cancer of the eye or eyelid. Protect your eyes with UV protective eyewear which may or may not be sunglasses.?




When in doubt, remember the slogan popularized by the Cancer Council of Victoria Australia.


Slip on a shirt with UV protection, Slop on sunscreen over 30+, Slap on a hat, and Wrap on glasses with UV protection any time you’re outside.

It’s important. It could save your skin, save your eyes, and it might save your life.

If you like historic ad campaigns, here’s the original Sid the Seagull public service announcement launched in 1981.



Featured Image: Sun setting at Tauranga Harbour by Anaconda Management Group, Creative Commons Attribution. Wikimedia Commons.


Enjoying Beach and Sun. Public Domain. Wikimedia Commons.

Slip, Slap, Slop. Public Domain. Wikimedia Commons.

Sunglasses. Public Domain. Wikimedia Commons.

Sun Safety Alliance.


Author Sandra Wagner Wright

Sandra Wagner-Wright holds the doctoral degree in history and taught women’s and global history at the University of Hawai`i. Sandra travels for her research, most recently to Salem, Massachusetts, the setting of her new Salem Stories series. She also enjoys traveling for new experiences. Recent trips include Antarctica and a river cruise on the Rhine from Amsterdam to Basel.

 Sandra particularly likes writing about strong women who make a difference. She lives in Hilo, Hawai`i with her family and writes a blog relating to history, travel, and the idiosyncrasies of life.


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