Sandra Wagner-Wright, Ph.D. — History Is in the Story

The Tag Line Says It All – “Writer – Historian – Traveler.” Three aspects of the same quest. Sounds simple enough. My work in progress – RAMA: Based on a True Story – demonstrates how I discover women who make a difference and bring them to your attention.

When I decided to learn about Rama, I asked three questions. First, I evaluated Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati Dongre Medhaviʼs life – who she was, what she did, and whether you, the Reader, would find her interesting. Ramaʼs journey from the Western Ghats mountains in India to Womenʼs Christian Temperance League meetings in America, with many stops along the way, intrigued me. Her determination to educate high caste child widows made Rama a woman worth knowing.


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