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I’ve always loved reading historical fiction. The genre inspired me to become a historian, so I majored in history at the University of Washington. I loved research and writing, so I went on to get my doctoral degree from the University of Hawai`i. As I continued my academic career (some of us never leave school), I realized that what interests me most are the small things that have a big impact. I’m also drawn to strong women who made an impression on the world around them. As you look through this web page, you’ll find links to my earlier non-fiction work.

I encountered Pandita Ramabai, the subject of Rama’s Labyrinth, while researching the social history of women in modern India. Ramabai stood out from the others. I wanted to know more about this woman willing to defy convention to improve the condition of women. Along the way Rama found a Christian faith to sustain her quest. I hope you will read her story.

My current project tis about Mary Pigot, the leader of a Calcutta orphanage founded by the Ladies’ Association of the Scottish Church. Her refusal to submit to Rev. Hastie, the new missionary in charge of the men’s college, led Mary to file a civil suit against Rev. Hastie on the charge of malicious malice. Research has taken me to Edinburgh and Calcutta as I bring the pieces together. I hope to publish Mary’s story at the end of 2017.

Besides writing, I

  • Recently visited the Galapagos Islands. I was in Edinburgh  and Calcutta in 2016 to do research for my current book project.
  • Practice Purna Yoga. The combination of meditation and yoga enables me to focus spirit, mind and body.
  • I’m a soprano in the Hilo Community Chorus. Singing is a terrific way to relieve stress.
  • Getting lost in a book is my favorite transformative experience.

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