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Welcome the Year of the Rat

The official date for Chinese New Year is this Saturday, January 25, though preparations began last Thursday. Each year corresponds to an animal in the Chinese zodiac created by the celestial Jade Emperor who invited twelve animals to serve as his guards. The earlier an animal passed through the heavenly gate, the higher rank it

2018: Year of the Dog

Friday marks the lunar new year, generally known as Chinese New Year. Since the festival follows the moon, it can occur any time between January 21 and February 20. This year the Chinese Zodiac Calendar turns to the Year of the Dog and is the first to celebrate the Earth Dog since 1948. People born


“Okay, I’ll bite.  Why are you wishing me a Happy New Year when we already celebrated the New Year on January 1?” Excellent Question, Grasshopper.  (Historian settles in for a lengthy chat.)  The January 1 date is completely arbitrary, a result of the introduction of the Julian calendar in 45 BCE. “Could you answer my