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George Washington’s Teeth

Recently I found myself practicing breathing exercises while my dentist injected numbing medication into my gums. Somehow I had managed to acquire a cavity at the back edge of an existing crown. The crown had to be removed, the cavity treated, and a new crown acquired. And, of course, the afflicted tooth was a the


Presidents’ Day is meant to honor all American presidents, but if any president comes to mind, it’s usually George Washington. A self-made gentleman, Washington became a consummate politician. Commander of the Continental Army. Chair of the Constitutional Congress. First President of the United States. He had his detractors, but most Americans saw the Virginian as

The Electoral College & Historic Controversy

Image: George Washington This past Friday, January 20, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States. The election was close. The popular vote went to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, but the Electoral Vote – the vote that actually elects the president went to Donald Trump.   Donald Trump — Republican — 304 Electoral


Whew!  There were more holidays last week than during the official “Holiday Season.”  Funny word “holiday.”  It’s a contraction of Holy Days.  Most folks don’t think of holidays as religious – we think of free time, decorations, special food, gifts, and shopping.  But, for those so inclined, there is opportunity for contemplation and purification. CHINESE