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Ah, India

Sunday I arrived at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi for my fourth visit to India. I am constantly drawn back to this place of chaos and contrast, and relish the chance to see the world from a perspective so different I cannot adequately describe it.

Buffalo keeping pace with the car

Today’s blog features a few interesting sights on the road from Delhi to Agra. For example, the above picture of a buffalo keeping very good pace with the car. This is a good indication of how slowly the traffic can move.  Which gives me time to see and take pictures.

I can’t imagine anyone working as hard as this chap does to earn a living. He is pushing a substantial cargo on his bike. I suppose on the upside, once he delivers it he will have a ride home.

Man pushing bke loded with cargo

There are other ways to move goods. Carts, Camels, and very colorful Trucks, many with requests for the driver behind them to honk his horn.

Overloaded orange truck
Overloaded orange truck

Until next time, I’ll keep widening my perspectives.

Photos by Author. All rights reserved.

Author Sandra Wagner Wright

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